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Immune Formula

I take Immune Formula when it starts getting cold out. It helps your body build up its immune system and fight off colds with vitamin C (333%), Echinaccea root extract (Echinacea purpurea – 225 mg), Goldenseal root extract (Hydrastis Canadensis - 125 mg), Arabinogalactan 100 mg), and beta-Sitosterol (30 mg).

How does Immune Formula work?

I normally take two a day, but if I get the feeling that there might be a cold coming on I up it to 3 a day, which is the maximum recommended by Pharmanex. It works. This winter I got one cold that lasted a couple of days despite not getting a flu shot. Last winter I think was the same. I used to be scared to go outside in the winter because I’d be sick pretty much the whole season and didn’t want to make whatever I had at the time worse. Now I have the health and freedom to do what I want.

Keep in mind that Echinaccea is not recommended for people with AIDS or other immune system disorders. However if you’re an otherwise healthy person who gets sick too often when the weather turns cold then Immune Formula is for you.

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